Building a Sense of Community

We are all in this world together.  What we should be focusing on is coming together and helping each other make this place we call home the best it can be.  This includes whatever we can do in relation to helping small businesses with the text they need to become successful.  At Unreel Media, we care about our clients and we want to help them succeed in their endeavors.  We have a special passion for social causes, social justice, and non-profit organizations who are working for the betterment of our global community.  We want to be a part of helping build a better community.

Many people won’t watch television news anymore, or read the local papers, or even read news on the Internet because those in charge of relaying that news to us seem to dwell only on the bad news in the world.  There’s more than bad news to be had, though.  Look at some of these recent stories and you will see a different tale:

Woman works tirelessly to find owner of a found letter.

Homeless man returns backpack with more than $40,000 inside and a fundraiser is set up to help him in response for his good deed.

Homeless man returns ring and gets a new home as a result.

These people performed their good deeds or acts of kindness not to get anything in return but to do what was right.  If they received anything in return, it was a side benefit.

The Huffpost Good News is an example of those striving to make a positive difference in the world of news and journalism.  Another example is Happy News.  All you really have to do is look for the positives in life.

Each of us belongs to a community, a community of people who are working and striving to do right, to build lives, to create businesses, and many who also include in these goals the business of trying to make the world a better place each day.

Let one of our passions be to help each other.  Individual entrepreneurs or a combination of efforts among several people work to provide services and products that will benefit others.  Work for the greater good and you will benefit also in multiple ways, many of which you could never have foreseen.



Announcing New Services!

At Unreel Media, we are expanding our services!

  • Web copy non-SEO based

Now, besides focused-SEO content for home pages and landing pages, we are also proud to offer non-SEO copy designed to address the content needs of your business.  This wording scenario is designed for those who feel confident that they can SEO their own content; we just help with the wording on the pages.  We are putting this offer in our new Economy services to help those who need more budget-friendly text choices.

  • New and Improved Newsletters

We now have access to a variety of designs so we can customize your newsletters, add colors, different fonts, and graphics to really make your newsletter pop.  We can also send your newsletters out for you — a time-saving feature to be sure.

  • Email campaigns

We can help with the wording necessary for your email campaigns — and we can send them out for you, too.  These days, in the world of short attention spans, you need to keep your products and/or services fresh, exciting, and constantly in front of your customers.

  • Economy packages

Our new economy packages are designed to help small businesses who are in special need of budget-friendly pricing.  If you don’t need specialized research and don’t need a great amount of time taken with your blogs, articles, press releases, or web content, talk to us about how we can offer you the same high quality text for a lower price.

  • Specialized packages

Do you need specialized services with an expert on your topic to help you sort through the words you need to relay your message?  We can help with that, too.  We have specialized writers who are intimately familiar with complicated subjects.  Ask us about this new service.

As well, these copywriting services have always been offered as part of who we are and what we do:

  • Articles
  • Blogs and Blog Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Business Plans
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Guest Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Case Studies
  • Ebooks
  • Basic WordPress site creation

Making the Most of Twitter

If you’re like many small businesses these days, social media platforms like Twitter are all part of your content marketing strategy. It seems nearly every business uses Twitter. Unfortunately, only a few seem to make the most of it. These tips can help.

  • Post Regularly: You can’t be part of the conversation if you’re not on at regular intervals. Post routinely to stay present.
  • Be Original: Retweets are good, but if that’s all you ever post, how do you expect people to consider you an expert in your field. Post something that’s uniquely yours on occasion.
  • Make Friends: You have to have followers to get someone to listen to you. Make friends and treat them like real friends. Talk to them. Interact with their posts. It will enhance your presence.
  • No One Likes a Walking Sales Flyer: If you’re just there to promote your products and services, get off. Now. Seriously. You have to be part of the atmosphere, not just push your products on everyone.

Summing up your approach to business in 140 characters can be tough at times. If you’re not quite sure where to start or it’s one more thing on a to-do list that won’t quit, let us help with our social media management services. They’re cheap, they’re effective, and they’ll get your brand in front of more eyes every day.

You, Google, and Your Clients

writingThe entire point of your website is to attract customers to your business, right? Unfortunately, you can’t simply put your site online and expect to have customers. You have to meet the needs of the search engines too or potential clients may never find your site. How can you juggle the needs of your customers along with the needs of search engines? It’s actually easier than you think.
Put the needs of your customers first. The most important thing to remember is that your customers have to come first. Not everyone is going to discover your site with the help of a search engine, and those that do will be looking for solid content. If it reads like keyword bait, it might as well be. Customers are savvier than ever about search engine marketing, and they want to feel like you’re talking to them, not Google. If ever there’s a choice to be made about customers vs. search engines, go with customers every time.
Think in keywords. You want people on your site. It’s the entire point of having a site. The term “keywords” doesn’t have to come with a negative connotation. Instead, you can simply think about what words your customers use to search for your services and products, then mention those terms a few times in appropriate places. The key here is to use them naturally, and a good copywriter can help work them seamlessly into the text.
Break the copy up. Studies suggest people read differently online than they do offline. They like chunks of information. Bullets, sub heads, lists, bold print, clear sections – all of these should fit into your copy. Interestingly enough, that makes it easier for the search engines to tell exactly what your page is about too.
Link to other parts of your site. People love links. They like to click on them, open them in new tabs, and move to the next logical part of your site. Search engines love sites that are easy to navigate.Carefully, clearly link the various parts of your site together, and you’ll get better feedback from your customers and clearer search engine rankings.
The needs of the search engine and the needs of your customers don’t have to be quite so diverse. Search engines are continually refining algorithms to help meet the needs of searchers instead of those being searched, so SEO in the future could easily reflect the needs of customers and search engines alike.

Reading = Good Writing: The Link You Might Be Missing

readingAlmost any writer worth the space she consumes on this planet can tell you that good writers are always good readers. Sure, reading and writing are often taught as two skills during any sort of formal education, but they’re completely interdependent, and if you’re writing your own site copy or marketing materials, reading may be the key to getting a better feel for your work.
A Steamy Affair
Wondering why the two go together? It’s simple, really. Reading a variety of texts, not just 50 Shades of Grey over and over again, helps you understand text structure and language in a way you simply won’t if you don’t read. What’s more, though, is that all of those blogs you subscribe to, business magazines you read, and entrepreneurial self-help books give you the prior knowledge you need to write your own materials. Much of what you know comes from what you actually read.
Enhancing the Connection
While it can be enough to simply read and absorb the material, there are some steps you can take to improve that link. First, don’t just stick to one type of text. Reading the blogs on Forbes as you take the train to work every morning isn’t enough. Branch out. Read biographies, fiction, magazines, newspapers, and more. The wider the net you cast, the better the fishing will be.
Besides simply reading what you can find, though, talk about what you read. It helps cement the material in your mind, giving you the confidence you need to write about it in your next post, on your landing page, or even in your brochure.
An Added Bonus
There’s an added bonus to reading, too, if you’re a parent. Your kids will see you reading, and that is invaluable. They’ll know that you care about literature, and that means something as they start working on their own reading skills.