Marketing Fire

calendar-1072482-mI’m a day late with today’s post. This really isn’t a surprise. I often struggle to get my own blog updated. When I have a seemingly endless list of client projects to complete on my plate, my own blog posts and social media updates are often forcefully smashed toward the back of the line in favor of taking care of my clients first.

That’s great news for my clients – it means they get their texts, blogs, and updates on time. For my own company, though, that often means moving forward with plans to grab new clients takes a back seat to a focus on the clients we already have.

Sticking to a Marketing Plan

I’m really not that much different than every other small business owner I meet. We all have so many things to do, so much to accomplish. Marketing often has to take a back seat to the needs of our existing client list. You’ve probably read the same studies I have, though. A consistent marketing plan is what your current and potential clients really want. How do you balance it all?

Often, it means asking for help, something small business owners tend to be reluctant to do. We either think no one can handle it quite as well as we can or that our budgets simply won’t allow us to hire more help. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day, and you can’t be at your desk or on the sales floor for all of them.

Having trouble formulating your marketing plan? Having trouble sticking with it? Let us help. With writing, marketing, and social media services that will take a lot off of your plate, we really are here to make your life easier (even if it means pushing our own marketing plans to the back burner again).

How Much is Social Media Doing For Your Company?

spreadsheet-1-541349-mSmall or large, every company can use social media to make more out of marketing efforts. As often as you virtually socialize, though, how much is social media actually doing for your company? Would those customers be walking through your door if you had never set up a Facebook profile? Would they be responding to your ad if you hadn’t put a note on it on your Twitter account?

Evaluating Social Media Success

Just like every other marketing method needs to be evaluated, you have to keep an eye on your social media numbers to decide how well things are working for you. You can’t simply keep putting posts out there without knowing what they’re really doing for your company. If you do, you’re just shooting in the dark.

Wondering where to start? You may want to get a baseline impression initially. Before you amp up your posting efforts, start a new campaign, or even hire a new social media marketing company, taking a closer look at your starting place is an absolute must. Think carefully about your metrics here. You can measure your starting revenue, followers, or even commenters. Exactly what you’re trying to measure is up to you. Many people want to see it financially paying off, and if that’s the case, you’ll want to look just at revenue. Others want to see a dramatic increase in those who seem to care about their posts.

Your next step is to look at how much you’re spending on your efforts. This doesn’t just have to be physical spending. It could also involve your time. For most small business owners, time is a valuable resource, and understanding exactly what your social media marketing efforts are sucking from your company can help you quantify whether it’s worth it.

Finally, start paying attention. Is your revenue increasing? Are your costs stabilizing? Choose a few times a week to look at the metrics you’ve set for yourself, and measure them consistently. It’s the only way you’ll truly know if you’re getting a good deal.

Need a bit of help with your social media marketing? We’re here. With plans starting as low as $80 for the management of three profiles, it could really save you some time and money! Contact us today to learn more.

The Opportunities Behind Difficulties

barbed wireThere are probably lots of companies out there rolling in success right now. We’ve seen a few of them come through our virtual door. There are just as many companies, though, that are struggling, looking for the newest plan that will help keep them on top, or at least marginally profitable. When those hardest times hit, what do you do? Is it every cloud has a silver lining or every silver lining has a cloud?

The Mindset of Success

You may think something as simple as changing your mindset can’t really work, but the simple truth is that it can. If you think you can’t go any further down, so you have to go up, maybe you start seeing opportunities you hadn’t before. You may already know these success stories by heart. Richard Branson, Virgin’s founder, was repeatedly told not to enter the market because it was already too crowded. He went ahead, saying “Screw it. Let’s do it.” The founders of Home Depot were just a couple of guys who’d just lost their jobs and decided to start over. Check out more of those success stories in this Entrepreneur post.

If it’s time to start over or you’re just looking for that fresh perspective or those new ideas that can shake things up a bit on your end, let us help. With the newsletters, social media posts, blogging services, and press releases that can send them to you, we’re ready to help you see that silver lining instead of the cloud. Contact us today to learn more.

Time to Start Over?

fix something quoteRunning a small business isn’t always like running the rest of your life. Even if you’re a “fixer” in real life, when you’re running a business, sometimes you just have to look at things with a measure of objectivity and say, “This isn’t working.” For many, this happens in the world of marketing more than anywhere else.

What Next?

After you’ve decided it’s time to quit what you’re doing, where do you go from there? Marketing strategies are the lifeblood of your company. How do you even begin to put one foot in front of the other after you’ve admitted that what you were doing before just wasn’t working?

In most cases, you’re going to want to do some reflection. If it’s just you and a business partner in your company, the two of you have quite a task ahead of you. If you have several team members, though, even if they’re independent contractors who help from time to time, pull them in on this reflection exercise. Why isn’t your marketing strategy working? Is it too time consuming? Simply not producing the results you want? Decide what was and wasn’t working specifically before you move on to the next step.

Moving Forward

It’s time to come up with a new plan. You can’t simply stay down in the dumps forever because the first one didn’t work out. Create a new marketing plan. You can come up with your own or work with a template. Remember that this is not a one-size-fits-all part of business management. Not every business fits into the same mold when it comes to marketing, so feel free to develop your own methods here.

When you get stuck and you just can’t move forward, consult with someone who can help. Maybe outsourcing is part of the answer. We’d be happy to chat with you about your marketing plans and what we can do to help. Just give us a call today!