Are Company Newsletters Really Worth Your Time?

hot-news-2-1411510-mThe best newsletters today are e-newsletters. Why? Because they can arrive in your clients’ inboxes quickly, with maximum convenience and minimal effort, for both you and your clients.

If your e-newsletters offer something of value that pertains directly to your clients’ needs, they are more likely to respond and you will have a successful medium through which to share information.


Keep your e-newsletters short and to the point. In today’s busy global marketplace, the saying “time is money” has never been truer. Attention spans are short; grab them with enticing headlines in bold or large font. Many people enjoy the use of color, as well, so make them colorful. It doesn’t cost any more to add color to an e-newsletter. Ensure whatever words you choose have the meaning you want to convey. Readers won’t be happy if you waste their time, and they most likely won’t read your e-newsletter again.


An e-newsletter shouldn’t be about tooting your own horn, but rather an invitation to your clients to consider how your services can complement their business needs and help them be more successful. Offer quality services, and they will pay attention.


Don’t forget relevant links: links to your web site; links to pertinent and valuable information. These days, it’s all about quality, quality, quality. If you send an e-newsletter written with honesty and integrity, your clients will pay attention. With responsible links in your e-newsletter, you’ll be helping them gain access to the products/services they need that you can offer them. Again, don’t waste their time with irrelevant links.


Printed newsletters can also be of value, but you need the right kind of circumstances for them to be useful. They are more demanding in time and money, and you will need them to be successful to offset the associated expenses. If you are exhibiting at a particular forum that relates to your business, printed newsletters (again, keep them short and to the point) can be good hand-outs.

Most paper products today, though, end up in recycling containers. Utilizing e-newsletters, your clients can store them on a variety of electronic devices and refer back to them, if so desired. They can also be deleted at the touch of a button, so make them worthwhile to your clients and valuable for them to retain and re-use.

July News From Unreel Media!

Enjoying the warmth of summer? Welcome to this issue of the Unreel Media newsletter. We know it’s been a few months since our last issue, but frankly, we’ve been very busy. Aside from working on the social media campaigns of many clients across the country, we’ve also been reinventing ourselves online. More on that in just a moment.

Introducing – The New, Improved Unreel Media
We’ve preached the gospel of updating your site to you for more than a decade now, so we thought it was finally time to work on our own online presence a bit. We’ve completely redesigned the site. Take a moment to check us out, and be sure to add our new blog to your reading list. We’ll keep it full of the tips you need to stay productive!
Unreel Is Social!
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Hey, we’ve taken enough of your time with this ad for our services. We’ll be back in August with a brand new offer and more great tips and services carefully crafted for your company. Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see you online and continue meeting your text needs. Contact us today if you have any questions. Thanks and stay cool in the summer heat!