First Person? Third Person? Should I Care?

self portraitWe write a lot of content in third person. It tends to sound more professional. In fact, almost all of the blog posts and article marketing pieces we write are in third person. We handle some second person stuff too. We even handle a lot of plural first person text. What we don’t handle very often is first person. Confused? Here’s a quick grammar lesson that ought to take you back to 7th grade. First person content is when you say “I,” or “Me,” in the text. In the plural form, it’s “We” or “Our.” Second person is “You.” Third person is “He” or “She.” Need a deeper explanation? Here’s one that may help. What works for your site? It depends a bit on what you’re looking for.

In some cases, you’ll absolutely want to go with first person. it offers a more personal feel. In other cases, it’s going to sound completely conceited. Figuring out whether you have the right tone is difficult. Try writing a few sentences of your site. Does “Please use my services.” sound okay? If not, try something like “Use the products of XYZ corporation for better widgets.” Sound any better?

It may take some trial and error to choose the right perspective for your site or blog, but the key is to stay consistent. Need help? Check out our writing services for the professional touch.

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