Is LinkedIn Sucking Up Your Time?

linkedinIt’s easy to get lost in the world of social media management. There are so many platforms and so little time. Sure, a social media management service like ours can help (read: Shameless Plug for More Business), but for some companies, managing those feeds is an essential part of what they do. The problem? They often take more time than they’re worth. LinkedIn is little different from the others in that regard. Is it actually paying off? One article suggests it’s not, at all.

Is LinkedIn a waste of time?

Is LinkedIn really linking you in? With more than 238 million members, including 4 million in Australia, a profile on LinkedIn is like the modern-day equivalent of a business card.

But how many of those users have benefitted from LinkedIn?

Leadership expert Paul Lange was an early adopter who began using LinkedIn when it launched in 2003.

Paul Lange says LinkedIn has become less relevant.

“At the time it was a great way of finding people,” he says.

“It became like an online Rolodex.”

In the past 10 years, Lange says he has gained about $3000 in work from LinkedIn. This compares with an $80,000 contract he scored from a connection on rival business networking site SunZu (previously Ecademy).

Lange says LinkedIn has gradually become less effective and relevant in the business landscape.

Check out the full text of this article, because it makes some pretty interesting points. That said, though, be careful with your time. Social media is an important part of any marketing interface today, but there are lots of other marketing methods out there that may prove slightly less time consuming.
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