July News From Unreel Media!

Enjoying the warmth of summer? Welcome to this issue of the Unreel Media newsletter. We know it’s been a few months since our last issue, but frankly, we’ve been very busy. Aside from working on the social media campaigns of many clients across the country, we’ve also been reinventing ourselves online. More on that in just a moment.

Introducing – The New, Improved Unreel Media
We’ve preached the gospel of updating your site to you for more than a decade now, so we thought it was finally time to work on our own online presence a bit. We’ve completely redesigned the site. Take a moment to check us out, and be sure to add our new blog to your reading list. We’ll keep it full of the tips you need to stay productive!
Unreel Is Social!
We’ve been pretty busy working on your social media campaigns over the last six months, but we’ve finally had a chance to work on our own over the summer. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t worry – we’ll be appearing on your other favorite social media platforms soon. These things take time, and you’d probably like your blogs, articles, and Tweets to get written too, right?

Because we really want to be sure you check us out and stick with us, we have a special offer. Friend us on Facebook, and we’ll give you a free blog post. No strings attached, and you can even choose the topic and the keywords. One free blog post is absolutely yours when you check us out on Facebook. Questions about this offer? Email us or give us a call.
Hey, we’ve taken enough of your time with this ad for our services. We’ll be back in August with a brand new offer and more great tips and services carefully crafted for your company. Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see you online and continue meeting your text needs. Contact us today if you have any questions. Thanks and stay cool in the summer heat!

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