Making the Most of Twitter

If you’re like many small businesses these days, social media platforms like Twitter are all part of your content marketing strategy. It seems nearly every business uses Twitter. Unfortunately, only a few seem to make the most of it. These tips can help.

  • Post Regularly: You can’t be part of the conversation if you’re not on at regular intervals. Post routinely to stay present.
  • Be Original: Retweets are good, but if that’s all you ever post, how do you expect people to consider you an expert in your field. Post something that’s uniquely yours on occasion.
  • Make Friends: You have to have followers to get someone to listen to you. Make friends and treat them like real friends. Talk to them. Interact with their posts. It will enhance your presence.
  • No One Likes a Walking Sales Flyer: If you’re just there to promote your products and services, get off. Now. Seriously. You have to be part of the atmosphere, not just push your products on everyone.

Summing up your approach to business in 140 characters can be tough at times. If you’re not quite sure where to start or it’s one more thing on a to-do list that won’t quit, let us help with our social media management services. They’re cheap, they’re effective, and they’ll get your brand in front of more eyes every day.

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