Moving Your Creative Thoughts to Content

You may lay awake in bed night after night with great thoughts for your company. Maybe you even email them extensively to your business partner, who thinks all are fantastic ideas. How do you get those thoughts out of your head and on to the virtual page? How can you capitalize on that and make great content? This quick guide can help.

  • Make sure you’re truly passionate about it. You can’t honestly write about something you don’t care about. While you can offer some version of writing, it’s not going to feel authentic to your audience unless you have some stake in it, so if you’re not committed to the idea from the start, don’t bother turning it into content.
  • Plan carefully. The best writers do some amazing planning before they ever start staring at that blinking cursor. Whether you’re using the dreaded Venn diagrams from elementary school or you’re simply brainstorming on a scrap of paper, do some planning before you move those ideas to content.
  • Research still matters. You can’t simply fly with what you have. Whether you need to look at other similar content or just some data to back up your ideas, you have to pull from other sources to have a great piece of content.

Great content, even for the creative, isn’t an automatic. It take a bit of hard work and planning to move your thoughts and ideas into something a bit more marketable.

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