Reading = Good Writing: The Link You Might Be Missing

readingAlmost any writer worth the space she consumes on this planet can tell you that good writers are always good readers. Sure, reading and writing are often taught as two skills during any sort of formal education, but they’re completely interdependent, and if you’re writing your own site copy or marketing materials, reading may be the key to getting a better feel for your work.
A Steamy Affair
Wondering why the two go together? It’s simple, really. Reading a variety of texts, not just 50 Shades of Grey over and over again, helps you understand text structure and language in a way you simply won’t if you don’t read. What’s more, though, is that all of those blogs you subscribe to, business magazines you read, and entrepreneurial self-help books give you the prior knowledge you need to write your own materials. Much of what you know comes from what you actually read.
Enhancing the Connection
While it can be enough to simply read and absorb the material, there are some steps you can take to improve that link. First, don’t just stick to one type of text. Reading the blogs on Forbes as you take the train to work every morning isn’t enough. Branch out. Read biographies, fiction, magazines, newspapers, and more. The wider the net you cast, the better the fishing will be.
Besides simply reading what you can find, though, talk about what you read. It helps cement the material in your mind, giving you the confidence you need to write about it in your next post, on your landing page, or even in your brochure.
An Added Bonus
There’s an added bonus to reading, too, if you’re a parent. Your kids will see you reading, and that is invaluable. They’ll know that you care about literature, and that means something as they start working on their own reading skills.
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