What is “Adaptive Content”?

shine-and-happy-1440357Adaptive content is a strategy that can be utilized across multiple channels and throughout all types of content.  The goal of adaptive content is to personalize interactions between business and consumer to the maximum extent possible.  It is developed and designed “around” your particular set of customers and includes sensitivity to their moods and goals.  Statistics from an Econsultancy.com article show that, “94% of businesses say personalization is critical to their success.”  That is a statistic that every business should know and take into consideration.


Personalization and Delivery

Adaptive content is a necessary requirement for a successful personalized experience across many channels (i.e., print, sales, training, customer support, etc.).  Adaptive content is geared away from the “one-size-fits-all” strategy.  Retailers need to learn to leverage this type of content.  It has proven highly successful in the marketing and consulting industries, taking client conversion rates to an all-time high.

Content Strategy and Karma

According to the Intelligent Content Conference web site, “The underlying ethos of content marketing and user-centric content strategy involves karma: The more real value you give to consumers, the more that will come back your way.  The more we can make our content adaptive, the more we can realistically deliver tailored, high-value content without running out of budget, resources, or time.”

A New Look at the Five Ws

ICC invites us to take another look at those classic five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.  To really understand adaptive content and get to the heart of the strategy, you will need to look at each “W” with a new vision and two different perspectives.  Who is your target audience really?  Who/What is your company/business/organization and Why?

  • Who are your customers?
  • What kind of content will provide your customer with the most value?
  • When should you display which type of content?
  • Where should you display your content so that it attracts the largest audience?
  • Why are you creating this adaptive content (i.e., what value do you want it to provide to your business?)

Your customers are ready for personalized, adaptive content?  Is your business ready to deliver?