Depressed About Your Facebook Stats? Don’t Be!

question-2-1339414-mAre you finding it difficult to get FB likes? Does your FB strategy seem not to be working? It can be depressing when you get those FB emails with Facebook stats regarding the people you have (and haven’t!) reached during the preceding week. Why aren’t your FB posts making impacts and reaching people and increasing those FB stats?


Your cover photo is the first thing people will see when visiting your FB page. If you only use a bland representation of your company’s website address, that’s not going to garner the kind of attention that a cutting edge photo or image will muster. Remember, you only have a few seconds to GRAB and KEEP prospective FB likers’ attention! Make it worth their while, and yours. Increase those Facebook stats!

  • Show benefits of products or services to increase Facebook stats.  When someone gets to your FB page, let them see what you do. Utilize pictures and/or images that will represent what you can offer that will be of value to them. When you do, your Facebook stats should improve.
  • Offer something free.  Nothing gets someone’s attention like FREE stuff.  Do you have a free report, e-book, e-guide, e-newsletter that you can offer to give away for free? In return, you’ll also get their email address that you might possibly utilize for future mailings, with their consent of course.


Select your use of FB apps wisely. Make sure they are interesting and, again, have something of value to offer your FB viewers. Use your creativity, your genius, your imagination – you’re going to need something “different” from everyone else to stand out and increase your Facebook stats.


Plug in a video with an interesting title. Keep it honest and, again, use your creative powers to GRAB their attention.  Then have the video link back to that interesting something that is located on your web site.  You will take them out of the FB realm and deposit them in your realm. But you had better be sure where you’re dropping them off is interesting and has a high potential for proving useful to them if you want your Facebook stats to increase.


It’s what everyone wants: a strong call-to-action that will convert web travelers to clients. Start out with a call-to-action that a majority of people can identify with, whether it be a sporting event that’s in the news, a business topic that has recently been in the news, an environmental topic, a favorite charity, etc.  By asking your FB viewers to “LIKE” an agreeable issue that most people could find themselves getting behind, you are creating a base of interest to your FB page and you are more likely to get more “LIKES” yourself.

It can be discouraging to see those Facebook stats that get emailed to you if you haven’t had a successful week, but, keep your chin up! There are still plenty of things you can do to increase your FB likes and get those positive, motivating FB statistic emails rolling in.

Amp Up Facebook Engagement Now

facebookLooking for a bit more from your Facebook page? Let’s face it – we all know you could be doing something better. Here are the tips you need now to make it work.

  • POST, POST, POST!!!!! Look, be honest with yourself. Are you actually committed to social media? If you’re not, it’s not going to work. You have to actually post to make it fit into your marketing mix. You can’t just think about posting or plan to post, you just have to do it.
  • Be Part of the Community. Would you actually talk to a friend who spent the entire conversation chatting about themselves? Your social media contacts don’t want continual self-promotions all of the time. Do something different.
  • Ask Questions. Speaking of different, asking questions can be a great way to get people to respond and get engaged. There are lots of types of questions you can ask too. From the simple to the fill in the blank, see who is paying attention.
  • Post Videos and Pictures. Don’t just stick to textual posts. Go for videos and pics every now and then too. Whether they’re related to your product or your target audience, everyone likes a pic now and then.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure you’re measuring your efforts. The more data you have, the more information you’ll have to shape your campaigns in the future.

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