Slow and Steady Wins the Race

consistencyWondering about the single best thing you can do for your marketing plan in the upcoming year? Stay consistent. People thrive on consistency, and if they can’t get it from your company, you can bet they’re going to find it somewhere else. Planning to post your blog every Monday and Wednesday? Great. Post every Monday and Wednesday. Planning to update your social media feeds every morning? Great. Do it.

What About Trying Something New?

As you analyze what’s working and what isn’t with regard to social media marketing, content marketing, or anything else, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new. The key, though, is that you don’t simply try it and abandon it without taking a solid look at the analytics. If, for instance, not a single person is opening the newsletters you send, adjust your strategy. Maybe a newsletter isn’t right for your company. What you can’t do, however, is walk away because you haven’t put the time and effort into that part of your marketing plan.

It’s tough to market your own company when you’re so caught up in providing services and products to other people, particularly when you’re a fairly small operation. The reality, though, is that it’s a must. You need new customers to survive, and marketing is a good way to get them.

There may come a point when you just need to automate your marketing so it actually gets accomplished. When you hit that point, we’ll be there with the writing services and social media management help you need. Give us a call when that happens. We’ll be happy to help.

3 Services You Should Be Using Right Now

The busy season is here for lots of businesses, and for many small companies, getting a few extra things simply “handled” is a must this time of year. Here are 3 services you should be outsourcing right now.

1. Blogging: Do you really have time to search for yet another topic, then stare at a blinking cursor for an hour while you try to come up with something else to say? Letting someone else handle the topic research as well as the writing can make your life a lot easier.

2. Social Media: You know social media is an important part of any SEO campaign, but how much time do you have on your hands to find something relevant to post and respond to those who are on your page or profile? Have someone else post and respond to those on your profiles. You’ll get guaranteed interaction, a must when you’re trying to build a solid profile.

3. New Product Descriptions: This is the time of year lots of companies are adding thousands of products to the site. How are you going to get them all up there with unique descriptions? Get it off your desk with professional copywriting help. With quick turnarounds and inexpensive pricing, you’ll get a better outcome every time.

You don’t have time to fight with lots of the items on your to-do list. Why not outsource what you can? Check out our complete line of services to learn more about how we can help.


Did You Ask For Help Today?

Confidence and productivity are a must when you run your own business. They’re qualities that are simply expected to be part of any business model. Asking for help looks like a sign of weakness. Whether you’re assigning tasks on your own to-do list to employees, moving part of your responsibilities to your business partner’s desk, or even outsourcing something like IT or your social media management, getting help should always be considered a strength, not a breaking point.

What Do You Need Help With?

The first step to making sure you have everything you need to succeed is deciding which tasks have to leave your virtual plate. A good to-do list is a solid starting place. While Post-It notes here, there, and everywhere may seem like a good idea, the reality is that they aren’t the best method of keeping track of your business’ task list. There are, however, some apps that may prove useful. Fast Company offers a helpful list of the 6 Best Alternative To-Do Apps.

Once you see exactly what must be tackled on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, it may be easier to assign some of that to other people in your organization.

Accepting Help

Once you find someone to tackle what you may find yourself unable to, the key is to accept the help. You can’t continue to micromanage the task once you’ve handed it off. It will only limit your success. Attention to detail and a hands-on attitude is always going to be a must, but don’t take that to the extreme. You’re only going to ruin your colleagues’ sense of self-confidence and further damage your company. Find the line between being involved and over-involved, and find it quickly.

Asking for help can be difficult, particularly when it’s your company, but often it’s essential to help make certain you continue moving forward.