seo-12415962017 is set to bring a more personalized experience to the user of web searches and web content.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important to help users connect with the products, services, and sites that they desire.  The main objective of SEO should be to help users find answers to their questions and connect consumers to businesses that can fulfill their needs.  The content experience is going to get better than ever.


Recent improvements to data modeling will refine, further than ever before, the experience for the user – that person trying to find just exactly what it is they want at that particular moment.  Successful marketing is also a win-win for the marketer, as a high volume of traffic could find its way to their website.  It is, and always has been, really about quality content.  Trustworthy, honest, truthful content that will help users discover whatever it is they are looking for.  Search engines can help point them in the direction; content specifically designed with quality SEO in mind can further refine user’s searches to only those websites that will provide value to them.


free-image-for-your-seo-blog-or-web-marketing-website-1636061Organization of pertinent data is also important and structured data is touted as becoming an even more significant factor in 2017.  Structured data reaches into every field and every application.

What is a rich snippet?  It is the markup of structured data that website owners can add to their existing HTML.  Rich snippets are vital, yet small, bits of information that will allow your page to do better in search results.

What is a structured data markup?  This refers to structured data being directly added to a page’s HTML.

Why is structured data important to SEO?  The organization of content that structured data represents is able to be understood better by the search engine’s crawling a web page.

More emphasis will be placed on optimization (i.e., value) of the content as opposed to prioritizing for keywords.  It’s customer-first priority all the way in 2017!