Does Copy Still Matter?

blinking cursorNot so many years ago, virtually every website on the planet was looking to hire a good copywriter, not just to craft the home page and product descriptions of any good website, but also to build out an article database, work on blog posts, and just generally write what they could to enhance the brand.

One look at any marketing budget these days, and you’ll see many of those ideas are long gone. In fact, most companies think they can cut out a copywriter entirely. I may be a bit biased here, but I’m still a huge fan of hiring a copywriter. Wondering why? Here are some reasons to consider it.

  • Good copywriters write well. It took me many years to discover that not everyone writes well, and this is as true of those who call themselves writers as it is of the average small business owner. You want people to think you have an intelligent brand, and without the help of a solid copywriter, you may never accomplish that.
  • Good copywriters can distill your thoughts. I cannot begin to tell you how many people I talk to on the phone who tell me their business works to accomplish A, B, and C each day while the real service they perform is something else entirely. Even if you don’t hire a copywriter to draft your initial work, you should at least hire one to help look things over and brighten your message a bit.
  • Good copywriters can save you time. We harp on this point again and again in this blog, but seriously, is staring at a blinking cursor what you actually want to be doing with your time? Of course not, and choosing a copywriter to help means avoiding the writer’s block entirely, even if you consider yourself a reasonably good writer.

Good copy on your site does still matter. Don’t believe me? Check out these sites. When you’re frightened enough, give us a call or drop us an email. Our writing services can make certain your sites don’t look like one of those.