Job Hunting? Let Us Help!

meeting-room-934454-mMuch of our day to day work focuses on the texts companies need to move forward, but we also offer services to individuals as well, so we’d like to take a moment to highlight what we can do to help you with your next job hunt.

  • Resume/CV Creation: There are few documents quite as daunting as the resume, so let us take the pressure off and create one for you. Obviously this is an intense process because we need quite a bit of information from you to get started, but the final product will be exactly what you want to hand across that conference table. It’s cheaper than you think, too. A quick online search will show you that most resume services are going to charge you at least $60 for a professional resume. Ours generally run less than $40, even for advanced professionals.
  • Resume/CV Editing: Have a resume, but need to update it? We can help there too. Again, we’ll need your input, but we’ll customize the ideal document for posting, distribution, or whatever you plan to do with it. Often at a cost of less than $20, you could have it ready tomorrow depending on our schedule!
  • LinkedIn Bio Editing: LinkedIn is the place to be for many professionals, but if you’re not actually doing anything with your bio, the company considering you may not think you’re worth the time. Let us help with a fresh look, great text, and an overhaul that puts you in the best possible light.
  • LinkedIn Posting: Need to make sure they know you’re an expert in your field? Post something! We can either handle all of the postings for you or simply send you the text so you can insert it. We can even work with your desired keywords to help add to your SEO exposure.
  • Portfolio Additions: Many industries require an extensive portfolio to demonstrate your competence, and we’ll be happy to add to the documentation necessary to show off your skills. From brochures to whitepapers to academic-level texts, we can create whatever you need.

The simple reality is that we’re in it to write, and whether that means your company needs advertising texts or you need help landing that big new job, if there are words involved we can create for you, we’re here to help. Give us a call or drop us a line to learn more.