Are You Really As Good As You Say You Are?

conceitedWhen was the last time you reviewed your LinkedIn profile page? What about your Twitter profile? Facebook? Google+? The chances are good that you haven’t looked at any of them since you initially set them up, right? At the time, you probably thought social media marketing was a slam dunk, and it was going to bring hundreds of clients to your virtually door within hours of your first posts. Now you know the truth about social media marketing – it’s just as difficult as other marketing methods, and the payoff can take just as long.

If you’re still plugging away at the social media equation (and we think it’s essential that you do), maybe it’s time to take a look at those self-aggrandizing profiles you created to help get things started. Does anyone actually want to buy from a company that claims to sell world famous fudge, even though no one outside of a five mile radius has actually heard of the stuff?

The key with any social media profile is a bit of perspective. You need to subtly sell your company without overselling it. Are you award-winning? Maybe, but the awards you gave yourself at the employee banquet last year don’t actually count. Do you really offer cutting-edge services? It’s possible, but the truth is, there aren’t that many services out there today that actually fall into that category.

Need to rethink your profiles? Give us a call. For a low rate, we can not only help you revise those profiles, but also automate your social media processes too so that your content truly is stellar, not just claiming to be. For more, check out our social media services page, then give us a call!