Creativity Issues? Check Out These Ideas

light-bulb-1433914-mSooner or later, that well is going to run dry. It happens to the best of us. When it does, though, where are you supposed to turn? What do you do next? We can help with some of it, thanks to our social media and writing services, but sometimes, it’s key to get your own creativity started. Lindsay Broder recently presented some ideas in Entrepreneur. Here are a few.

1. Check in with your mission statement. Mission statements are often written and then forgotten. Keeping yours on hand for regular review keeps your mind focused on the “why” you’re in business. When you’re clear about the why (i.e., why your customers need what you provide), then it’s easier to come up with the “what” (i.e., what you provide, generated through creativity). If you don’t have a mission, now’s a good time to write one.

2. Find inspiration from your clients. I recently heard a couple of successful entrepreneurs talk about where they find inspiration. They each said that when they are feeling stuck or frustrated and feel that they can’t come up with a single ounce more of creativity, they call their favorite clients and spend a few minutes chatting. Doing so reignites their creativity.

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3. Read. Personally, I don’t read anything that doesn’t serve my ability to better serve my clients, simply because I don’t dedicate the time to pleasure reading. And often I find inspiration in my daily practice of reading interesting pieces on the web. However, sometimes that’s not enough and I have to read outside of my comfort zone to ignite my creative spark.

4. Schedule a meeting with employees to bounce ideas around. Your employees know your business from a different perspective than you do. Having regular idea-generation powwows keeps the flow of inspiration and creativity going. This also gives your staff a sense of ownership and lets them know that their voice and ideas matter and are vital to the enterprise’s success.

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Your ideas are the lifeblood of your business. Find a way to get that creativity flowing. Need to chat a bit about your ideas? Contact us today. We’ll be happy to listen (for free), and we may even have an idea or two that could be helpful. Sure, we want your business, but we also know that a listening ear from another company just trying to make it out there actually matters in this world.