5 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing A Blog

It’s fun to blog!  (That’s reason number 6.)  Blogging on your website is important because it gives a voice to the people behind your company name.  Blogs allow you to share your knowledge and connect with others.  Most of us have a lot to say; a blog is a perfect platform to express your ideas, opinions, thoughts, and concerns.  A voice, your voice, can be part of a global conversation.  The process itself can also lead you to others with like minds and needs that have been looking for someone, just like you, to team up with.  Five of the most important reasons to blog are pinpointed below.

1.         Your blog is your centerpiece.  It can be the center around which all your other outlets flow around, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc., etc., etc.  Your blog is the heart of your business.

2.         Your blog can help keep you focused.  Writing a blog can help keep your mind engaged on your business, sharpen your ideas, and help you explore various concepts and methodologies offered by others.  It makes you think and stay involved in the most current topics and up-to-date trends.

3.         You can use analytics to track who reads your blog, popular topics, if you have click-throughs, comments, and shares.  Monitoring who is reviewing your blog can help you figure out why and if you need to change tactics to reach another group of viewers.

4.         Create valuable content on your blog and the search engines will love you.  They are looking for quality content and someone with something to say, that knows how to say it.  Blogs help your expertise shine and they will help others to find you more easily.

5.         Sixty percent of all businesses who blog draw in more customers, according to a HubSpot survey.  Sixty percent!  That’s a telling statistic – and it should tell you to start blogging!