The Opportunities Behind Difficulties

barbed wireThere are probably lots of companies out there rolling in success right now. We’ve seen a few of them come through our virtual door. There are just as many companies, though, that are struggling, looking for the newest plan that will help keep them on top, or at least marginally profitable. When those hardest times hit, what do you do? Is it every cloud has a silver lining or every silver lining has a cloud?

The Mindset of Success

You may think something as simple as changing your mindset can’t really work, but the simple truth is that it can. If you think you can’t go any further down, so you have to go up, maybe you start seeing opportunities you hadn’t before. You may already know these success stories by heart. Richard Branson, Virgin’s founder, was repeatedly told not to enter the market because it was already too crowded. He went ahead, saying “Screw it. Let’s do it.” The founders of Home Depot were just a couple of guys who’d just lost their jobs and decided to start over. Check out more of those success stories in this Entrepreneur post.

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