The Scariest Aspects of Your Business

scaryIt’s Halloween. Are you scared yet? If you are, it’s more likely to be this terrifying marketing climate as opposed to those horrific Duck Dynasty costumes ringing your doorbell.

The simple truth is that small business owners have every right to be scared right now. While running your own company certainly has its advantages, it also has some real drawbacks, like having to fight for a regular paycheck and never really being able to leave the office behind. You learn to live with aspects like those, but that doesn’t mean your fears are quite gone. Here are just a few of the most common.

1. Search Engine Optimization: You can have a phenomenal website. You can have great blogs. Your site may still never see the light of day. What’s more, though, is that a single wrong SEO move can put you on Google’s naughty list, making certain most potential customers will never order from you. Good optimization is essential, no matter what vertical you’re in.

2. Time Management: There’s no way you can do all of it. You can’t optimize your site, send out a newsletter, return client phone calls, find new jobs, deal with the jobs that are already on your schedule, update your blog, virtually socialize, and plan for the future all at the same time. This is often the single biggest problem cited by small business owners, and getting to all of those tasks is important! It’s okay for time management skills to be the scariest thing on your list. It really is a little frightening to try to get to everything every day.

3. Missed Opportunities: Small businesses rarely want to stay small businesses forever. Most business owners have hopes and dreams of doing something more, building something bigger. You don’t simply wake up one morning to a bigger company, though. What’s more is that all of the hoping and dreaming in the world doesn’t actually build that bigger company. Instead, it takes persistence, hard work, and the right opportunity. Close the door on that opportunity, and you have just missed what might have been your only chance at the bigger company you always wanted. No wonder this one inspires so much fear.

Being a small business owner is scary. It’s hard to know what to do and when to do it. We can help with some of it. We’d love to help make sure your site has SEO friendly copy. We can even deal with most of your marketing tasks to alleviate your time management worries. All of that can lead to the right opportunity at the right time, which may just make the next big holiday one in which you are truly grateful for something. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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