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bookemon logoIt has been the pleasure of the Unreel Media team to write for many fabulous companies over the years since this business was founded. Among those that work hard to improve the world for the next generation is Bookemon. One of the goals of this company is to appeal to the younger generations, encouraging lifelong communication and literacy skills, imagination, and self-confidence.

Kids today are enthralled with technology. This comes as no shock to parents, educators, and even the general public as children can be seen with video games, tablets, cell phones, and mp3 players permanently stuck to their palms. However, technology isn’t all bad. That is the message being issued by this motivated company.

Technology can be used to encourage the skills that we want to instill most in our children – reading and writing. Children can peruse a catalog of available e-books and paperbacks, written and published by kids their own age, on this website. Better yet, they can put their own sense of creativity to the test by producing their very own works of literature. On this topic, Bookemon says:

Young Author Press lets young authors, students in a class, individually or collaboratively publish their stories and writings in full color books with ISBN-13 registration and be recognized as published authors worldwide.

These books can be printed once and kept as private works of genius, or they can be sold on Bookemon’s website, as well as on the sites of many of the largest online retailers. If you don’t believe that kids can create sale-worthy books, think again. Bookemon has confidence in K-12 students. The outcomes, some of which can be viewed in the Bookemon store, are inspiring.

As this company works to grow its online presence and to continue the promotion of reading and writing for young children, Unreel Media is proud to have such an affiliation. In a world that is fast-paced and riddled with distractions, it is good to know that there are still organizations encouraging our kids to curl up with a good book.

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