Writing Services

Get the right package to suit your business.

Clients often ask us what we can offer their business. Our usual response to that question is simple: professionalism with every word.

Web Content – If you have an online business, you’ve probably already scoped out your competition, and chances are you’ve noticed that one or two of those competitors have websites that read far better than yours. Have no fear; it’s a common affliction, and one that we take great pleasure in curing. Unreel will go through your website with a fine-toothed comb, rewriting, reworking, line editing and crafting a selection of first-rate content that will have your customers lining up for more. For a web-content quote, click here.

Ghost Writing – Sometimes our clients have great ideas but don’t have the time and/or ability to make good use of them. Our crew of skilled ghostwriters can help turn your idea into reality. We go through your concept, work through a synopsis with you, ensure that the information is well-researched and detailed, and then we start the creative process, creating the sort of finished work you’ll be proud to put your name to. All rights belong to you, as do all profits. For a ghostwriting quote, click here.

Sales Copy – Selling a product is by no means as simple as just making it available for sale. You need to excite the consumer, inform them, make them remember, and make them come back. You need to create a desire for your product where no such desire currently resides, and if you skimp on such content, you’ll inevitably struggle to earn a profit. Great sales copy is the difference between 2% lead conversions and 32% sales conversions, and we’ve been showing our customers that difference in a major way for several years. For a sales-copy quote, click here.

Press Releases – Written in accordance with your goals, specifically designed to appeal to the media outlets you most want to be featured in. All text is original, all rights belong to you. For a detailed press-release quote, click here.

SEO Keyword Articles – Moving your company up in search-engine result rankings is no easy task, but one of the increasingly effective ways to do that is via search engine optimized (SEO) text. Now, understand that you can have any old hack put together pages and pages of keywords that don’t make any sense, and Google will eventually work out what you’re doing and kill your search ranking, but on the other hand, SEO copy that actually informs users, entertains them, and sells your product, is not only effective for ranking purposes, but it also helps sell your product. Don’t waste time and money on filler factories; get your text written the right way. For an SEO keyword article quote, click here.

Sample Articles – If you have a big project, but you’re not quite ready to choose us, consider our $5 sample offer. For just $5, we’ll create a 200 word sample article on the topic of your choice. Whether you’re interested in moving forward with us or not, the article is yours to keep and use as you wish.

Whatever your goal, if it can be achieved, we’re here to help – with a turnaround time and price that few can match. Ask for a free quote today!